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Bereavement can cause all types of problems, you may also have a property that you do not want, we can help. If you inherit property in on your own or with other people sometimes the most difficult thing is to know what to do with it.

Quite often the property is run down and requires quite a lot of work it were to make its suitable for letting or for putting on the market for sale. If you are not a professional property person this may be quite daunting and you may not have the resources available to invest in the property.

Setting up a Rent to Buy arrangement can be the fastest and most cost effective way of moving forward, a Tenant Buyer may be willing to take over the property in its current condition and start paying an enhanced rate of rent and carry out the necessary works bring the property up to a reasonable condition.

You could either act as a landlord seller direct to the Tenant Buyer or you could deal with us at and we would handle all of the paperwork, negotiations, find the Tenant Buyer, set up the option agreement and arrange for the Tenant Buyer to secure a mortgage to purchase the property in the future.

If the properties in probate and you can get the agreement of the other parties a Rent to Buy agreement could be set up very quickly while the probate is being sorted out so that the property is creating an income and is being brought up to a proper standard from day one.

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