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Many people saw building a buy to let portfolio as a way to future financial security, but quite often due to the demands of managing property and the changing economic and financial situations, the benefits of owning a property portfolios are outweighed by the problems.

If you bought some buy to let properties but it is getting too much for you and you want to escape from the liabilities and responsibilities, talk to us. We are experienced property people that are happy to take over all of your portfolio – very quickly!

We believe that Rent to Buy is the only truly feasible way forward for many portfolio owners, it is a way of maximizing revenue returns and being able to achieve an acceptable purchase price at some point in the future.

The other great benefits of Rent to Buy is that as the Landlord Seller your Tenant Buyer has a vested interest in maintaining the property because they intend to purchase it in the future. With the Rent to Buy option that will be offered to the Tenant Buyers they will establish a purchase price at the start of the option term.

And therefore they know that all of the improvements that they do to the property will only improve the value at the point of their purchase. It is not in their interest to damage the property because this will leave them with a problem to raise the necessary mortgage at the end of the option term.

At “” we can give you a total freedom from arranging your Rent to Buy agreements and managing the whole situation from start to finish because we have a professional systems and processes in place to handle multiple properties.

Rent to Buy can truly provide you with an escape from a problematic property portfolio and allow you to immediately be relieved from the pressures of property portfolio ownership. All of the arrangements can be made quickly and cost effectively within weeks.

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