Carl Henry Rent to Buy Book


Rent to Buy is definitely the most flexible option for disposing of properties of any type and in any condition. It is particularly helpful when you have a property that requires extensive works, from refurbishment right up to major structural works.

If you as a property owner decide to do the work yourself you will of course have to take the risk of raising the money, managing the works and finding an exit route no only through rental or a sale. The effectiveness and time taken for these two traditional roots are quite varied particularly in times of economic and financial turmoil.

A Rent to Buy option agreement can solve all of these problems in one go, you can get all of the work done and lock in your exit route right to the beginning. You have infinite ways to negotiate and set up your Rent to Buy agreement so that it satisfies all of your key objectives and requirements.

If you have property which requires any level of repairs, rebuilding or refurbishment we at “” are interested in taking it over. We will solve the problems with the property and take the responsibility from you.

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