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Good opportunities come up rarely, if you have to move or relocate at short notice you might not have the luxury of time to sort out your property, we can step in quickly and take that problem off you mind and you can relocate very quickly.

Rent to Buy option agreements are quick to set up and much cheaper initially than selling the property out right. Rent to Buy option agreement can be set up in weeks once you have found a suitable Tenant Buyer, you as a Landlord Seller would offer the opportunity to a Tenant Buyer to rent your property and to secure an option to purchase at some point in the future at an agreed price.

This means that you can quickly find a sale for your property, even though the sale will go through in the future, and during the option term you will receive a good rent from your property and the Tenant Buyer will be looking after the property as though it was their own home.

If you’re not a property professional and setting up a Rent to Buy agreement seems beyond your experience or you would simply like it or organized for you, we at can organize everything for you from start to finish. We organize all the paperwork, negotiations and find a suitable Tenant Buyer for the property so you have told peace of mind.

This is particularly helpful if you’re in negative equity, you have mortgage areas or your property needs some work before it is ready for a standard sale. Rent to Buy means you don’t have to find large amounts of capital of the period in your life where you need the money for your relocation expenses and resettling at your new address.

Rent to Buy can also be the ideal choice if you have decided to move to create a new life a broad or for work in another country. We can take all thoughts of your UK property off your back, quickly & simply.

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