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Rent to Buy is the third option for disposing of your property that is growing in popularity in the UK. Establishing a Rent to Buy arrangement is quicker and much cheaper to set up than the normal route to selling the property. Rent to Buy, which could also be called rent to sell, is now a viable option for people who need to find a way of moving their property on without the current economic or financial conditions holding it up.

At “” we find that many people for various reasons have got to the point with their property that the continued management is too much for them to handle or they simply need to move on to a new property. There are very many reasons why this situation should come about, but not many answers.

Normally you would either sell or rent your property in order to avoid continued management of it, but quite often this takes far too long for it to be a feasible answer to your problem. Rent to Buy can be a really rapid solution for people who wish to have their property properly managed and sold.

As we have 30 years of experience in managing property we have all the systems and skills required to take over your property very quickly. We can enter into an agreement to totally manage all aspects of your property immediately, including the mortgage payments, this means you are free to move forward with your plans or objectives with the minimum of fuss & inconvenience.

We use the power of the web to make it as simple as possible for you, all you have to do is register your details at “” and as soon as we receive them we will go to work to find a package that will suit your personal needs and requirements.

The package that we create can offer you a number of ways to achieve your personal objectives, you may want speed of disposal and to move on as quickly as possible, it could be that you want to maximize the price that he would get for the property, perhaps you’re in negative equity and you have no way to sell the property immediately at a feasible price, or even that you have another property to move to the that your sale has fallen through.

Using the Rent to Buy system we will create a property management agreement with you which will also include an option to buy your property at some point in the future at the price that we will agree. Within a few weeks you can be totally free to move on with your life and know that your property is being well looked after. We also have hundreds of potential Tenant Buyers who are looking for properties throughout the UK, So normally we can get your property producing a positive cash flow very quickly.

The main thing is to take action – make contact and start to discuss your needs and requirements as soon as possible so that we can start to create a package which suits you.

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