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Setting up Rent to Buy option agreements are ideal in situations where you have a sudden change in life which requires immediate action but where you may not be in the best situation to do with it.

If you have decided to move out of your property due to ill health so that you can move in with relations or a facility where you can obtain 24 hour care, setting up a Rent to Buy agreement can be the quickest and least stressful way forward.

Rent to Buy is where the property owner call the Landlord Seller offers to rent a property to a Tenant Buyer for a fixed period of time and during that time the Tenant Buyer will pay rent and an amount towards an eventual deposit required when they purchased the property at the end of the Rent to Buy option term.

When you’re feeling ill the last thing you want is to have a major expense of refurbishing your property so that it can be let or to wait for a long period while your property is sold with no income coming in, in the meantime.

Setting up a Rent to Buy arrangement can be done in weeks and can take consideration of your particular set of circumstances so that the Rent to Buy option would give you revenue and an exit route in the shortest possible time and that gives you the best financial outcome.

If it is helpful to you we at can handle all aspects of setting up a Rent to Buy option agreement including all the paperwork, negotiations and finding a suitable Tenant Buyer for your property. We can also organise any works that need to be done or work with the Tenant Buyer to do them.

Once Tenant Buyer is in place you can completely forget about your property and concentrate on getting better or dealing with your illness.

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