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If you have a house or flat which has been on the market for a long time which is not selling, we can offer you a very attractive solution. If your objective it’s to move to a new property or even a new area and your current property is holding you back, setting up a Rent to Buy option agreement could give you the freedom that you are looking for.

The other scenario is where the price that you need to achieve to make the sale viable cannot be achieved quickly in the present market, once again Rent to Buy can definitely give you the answer that you’re looking for.

Rent to Buy is the third option for disposing of your property that is growing in popularity in the UK. Establishing a Rent to Buy arrangement is quicker and much cheaper to set up than the normal route to selling the property. Rent to Buy, which could also be called rent to sell, is now a viable option for people who need to find a way of moving their property on without the current economic or financial conditions holding it up.

Rent to Buy includes three parts, a rental agreement, an optional property management agreement and the option to purchase your property at a specific price at a date in the future to be agreed. The property owner is called the Landlord Seller and the person occupying the property is called the Tenant Buyer.

You need to find a Tenant Buyer who has a suitable credit profile that you can use to show your mortgage company that you can afford a second mortgage because your first mortgage is being taken care of and that you have agreed a sale in the future.

Another option for you which makes life even simpler for you is that we at can take over your property and handle all of the arrangements to create a Rent to Buy option agreement. We will also deal with all the paperwork, negotiations and find a Tenant Buyer.

Whatever your situation we at feel confident we can help you by taking over your property and creating a situation that satisfies all of your immediate requirements.

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